Open Studio Gabriele Oropallo 26.10.2013

Gabriele Oropallo, guest at the Rotationsatelier during October 2013, will present the project he is developing with Thais Ribeiro and Renato Hofer for an intervention at next month’s São Paulo’s Biennale.

Arquipélagos urbanos_image

Arquipélagos urbanos / Sailing the islands of São Paulo

Sailing the Islands of São Paulo is an enquiry into São Paulo’s fragmented urban space through an on-foot exploration that aims at revealing unseen lines of fracture or tension in the continuity of the urban matter. The urban exploration will take place in the context of the 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale on 9-10 November 2013.

Within the context of the 10th Architecture Biennale, which proposes a reflection on contemporary cities and the nature of urban space, this project invites all those interested to make and use the city through the practice of walking as a tool to discover and reflect on urban transformations. Experiences such as the Transurbance practised by Stalker collective in the marginal spaces of Italian cities show that when the urban space is confronted on foot, cities reveal themselves as uncharted and unpredictable territories. Within this uncharted territory, the practice of walking functions as a twofold method of direct exploration and place-making. This project also focuses on this very method as a way to treat questions such as bottom-up appropriation of public space and urban mobility in São Paulo.

The exploration will follow a West-East route, departing from an area near the Pico do Jaragua, the highest part of the city accessible by means of public transport. Despite being relatively close to the city centre, the Jaragua park in fact also represents the North-Western boundary of the city. We will walk along the park, experiencing the intensification of the city as we progress. This will allow us to notice the tensions between developed and undeveloped areas, wild and built environments. After an overnight stay, we will continue our exploration on the morning of the second day proceeding Eastbound toward the hill that marks the historical foundation point of the city, and the plains between the rivers Tamanduateí and Tietê. The endpoint to the walk will be in the Patriarca neighbourhood, an area typically considered a suburb, even though the city extends itself for another several kilometres to the East.

A Project by
Thais Ribeiro (Zurich)
Renato Hofer (São Paulo)
Gabriele Oropallo (Oslo)

Supported by
ProHelvetia []
Lucius und Annemarie Burckhardt Stiftung []



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