Fotos vom ersten Lunch-artist talk

Vera Kovaceska redet über ihr Projekt The last pioneers, geplant auf dem Skanderbeg-Platz in Tirana (im Rahmen von ‚The Pythagoras (un)costant‘ Tirana Architecture Week, kuratiert von Stefano Romano)


The change in the square
Verica Kovacevska, The Last Pioneers
photo – performance, 2012
This work was supposed to contain one hundred people in their late twenties and early thirties, wearing jeans, white shirts and a red pioneer scarf. The artist wanted to tell the story of the last generation of pioneers of Albania, who equipped with the dresses to perform, but left without the system for which to perform, found themselves in turbulent times of change. The Skenderbeg Square was chosen as an important historical reference – a place that was formerly used by the pioneers during various ceremonies. By placing them “back at the square”, the artist wanted to look back to their pioneer experience and the radical social and political changes since then, putting them at the front as the forthcoming generation that will take an active role in creating the new Albanian society.
Unfortunately, the artist‘s permit to complete the work at Skenderbeg Square was revoked upon her arrival in Tirana, as any references to the country‘s socialist past were no longer welcome. However, this did not stop a small group of pioneers from coming to the square, taking part in the work and re-claiming their history and the public space.

(Fotos: Sabine Hagmann)



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